Florida Republican Assembly
Orange County Chapter
FRA is the conscience of the Republican Party and

Home of the Frederick Douglas Republicans





The National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) is a political organization which promotes conservative principles and candidates within the Republican Party.

As a Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) member, you will be associated with like-minded folks that stand united and committed to making a BIG difference throughout Florida.

There are OVER three billion social media users today, with approximately a dozen individual creating an account every second.

Our Mission

“The Assemblies are the conscience of the Republican Party…” – President Ronald Reagan
Our primary objective is to be an “indispensable resource” to help grow membership throughout Florida, recruit and train quality candidates for local, state and federal office using state of the art cutting edge technology, which gives the competitive advantage over the competition.
In addition, we will push for Florida “voter integrity” by making common sense recommendations that strengthen the voter process and statues setting the gold standard for other states to follow as well as expose and primary “Republican in Name Only aka RINO’s” from the party.