Leadership Team

Lou Marin

  • 2021 – Current: National Director, Florida Republican Assembly
  • 2021- Current: President, Florida Republican Assembly, Orange County Chapter
  • 2016 – 2019:    Vice Chairman, Orange County Republican Executive Committee
  • 2015 – 2016:    Donald J. Trump Deputy State Grassroots Director
  • 2012 – 2015:    I Am American Article “V” Instructor
  • 2011 – 2012:    Herman Cain Deputy State Grassroots Director
  • 2008 – 2010:    Grassroots Activist & FairTax Leader
  • United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, 22 Year Gulf War Veteran
  • For exemplary & dedicated military service he was awarded 65 military awards and accolades.
  • Raised OVER $1.4 million dollars for charities such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Armed Forces YMCA, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, local Orphanages and Community Churches.
  • Serving as John Young Crossings HOA President for OVER 25-Years
Email:  lou@fraoc.org
Phone: (321) 228-2800

RC Williams

1st Vice President
Artificial Intelligence & Technology

RC serves 1st VP for the FL Republican Assembly, as well as co-founder and COO of LiAison Labs, a technology company  providing the ability to forecast the future intent of customers with accuracy, helping to automate decisions, and understand the environment around key interactions with millions of data points simultaneously, allowing for actionable insights to take advantage of market opportunities.

RC has also contributed to the revenue and growth of numerous companies, including Rakuten, often referred to as the “Amazon of Japan”, TuneIn, the world’s largest audio directory, and OnTheSnow.com, the world’s largest snow sports site.

Email: rc@fraoc.org
Phone: (952) 212-6220

Amania Saluste


Amania Saluste was born from humble beginnings in Haiti. The family moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands and later migrated to America and settled in New Jersey in pursuit of a better life. Amania grew to love the American way of life, where she learned that anything was attainable if you believed it, had confidence in your abilities and worked hard. She pursued a career in Real Estate to help others achieve the American dream of home ownership. To further her formal education, in 2010 Amania earned her Degree in Urban Studies Public Policy at St Peters University in Jersey City, New Jersey.
In 2016, Amania relocated to the great state of Florida. Amania chose to go through the legal process of becoming a United States citizen so she could proudly pledge her allegiance to the United States of America. As a Christian, she was drawn towards the Christian-principles this country was founded upon – the same principles which led to American exceptionalism that fosters opportunity, diversity, freedoms and personal responsibility.

Amania volunteered with the Trump Campaign and the Vennia Francois for US Congress Campaign for the 2020 Elections

Email: secretary@fraoc.org
Phone: (908) 248-7845

Joseph Melendez


Born on September 29, 1992 to a family that consists of three generations of ministers Joseph Melendez has understood the importance of defending our Constitutional freedoms and liberties. Joseph Melendez has been an outspoken critic of Planned Parenthood. I strongly believe life begins at conception that is why I have declared myself to be a fighter for the unborn child. Joseph’s upbringing has also led him to fight for religious freedom, and the right to self-defense declared in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

These traits have led him to become an Intern for the Ron DeSantis for Governor Campaign, Intern Coordinator for the Ron DeSantis for Governor Campaign, Operations Coordinator for the Governor DeSantis Inaugural Committee, and most recently being a Field Organizer for the President Trump 2020 Campaign. Finally, Joseph Melendez’s financial experience stems from his time working for the Environmental Health division of the Orange County Health Department. Where Joseph served as a Senior Clerk collecting payments from clients and providing these same clients permits for their businesses to be able to function.

I plan to serve as Treasurer for Florida Republican Assembly to the best of my abilities and look forward to working with members in pursuit of making our organization GREAT!

Email: treasurer@fraoc.org
Phone: (407) 283-3984

Bishop Larry Parks

  • 2021 – Current: Chaplain, Florida Republican Assembly
  • 2020- Current: Advisory Board Member for IVoter Guide
  • Current: Church Relations Specialist: Reclaiming Florida for Christ
  • Current: Bishop/Overseer at New Jersey District Churches
  • Former Bishop/ South Orlando Foursquare Churches
  • Former Senior Pastor:  CrossPointe Foursquare Church
  • Former Senior Pastor:  Sonlight Christian Center Orlando
  • Former Administrative Pastor/Worship Pastor Deeper Life Assembly
  • Former Owner:  Central Florida Finishing
  • Former Music Director:  Teen Challenge Rehrersburg PA
  • Former US Army, 82nd Airborne, Ft Bragg NC
Email: chaplin@fraoc.org
Phone: (321) 228-3514